President’s Column | June 12

Glorious winter weather saw locals and visitors out and about throughout the Dungog Shire over the long weekend. Businesses throughout the Shire have reported good trade, particularly on Saturday. Businesses from Vacy, Gresford, Paterson, Clarence Town and Dungog have all reported particularly high numbers of visitors, which is great news.

The good weather also helped to attract a good number of people to camp around the Shire.

There are also a number of other events coming up over the next few months and these are listed at  Or for information contact the Dungog Shire Visitor Information Centre by phoning 4992 2212 or by email at

I had the opportunity to catch up with Michelle Dado-Millynn who is part of the Single Use Plastic Free Dungog Team this week. The team are focused on providing alternatives, best practice recycling and closed loop solutions and are asking the business community to work with them to proactively reduce waste, choose reusable and recycle best practice. There is currently a wonderful opportunity to put a spotlight on the Dungog Shire  in more ways than one by becoming a role model regionally, nationally and beyond. Dungog Shire Council and many local businesses are already on board, with responsible and sustainable best practices. 

The business community is key in their support and involvement to choose to recycle best practice & provide and use alternatives to single use plastics where they can. If we work together we can set a fantastic example for others to follow. Yellow lid recycling bins, Return & Earn drop off, soft plastics and take away coffee cup recycling will all be in place. Council will be installing a water refill station in Dungog with a plan for more to be installed throughout the Shire. These will encourage people to use refillable reusable water bottles rather than disposable plastic water bottles. We are working hard to make choosing reusable as easy as possible for the community to support and practically choose to do. 

One of the most urgent environmental issues for the planet is the enormous amount used (largely just once) of single use plastics; bags, straws, bottles, t/a coffee cups, cutlery & containers

For more information about this initiative and how your business can be involved contact Michelle at