New sign for Lioness Park

Article by Michelle Mexon

Article by Michelle Mexon

There’s a welcoming new sign for visitors coming in to Dungog from the south.

The $20,000 sign in Lioness Park replaces one which was already in disrepair and further damaged in the April 2015 storms forcing council to remove it.

Dungog District Chamber of Commerce President Jennifer Lewis said the chamber had been researching funding options to replace the sign since it was first damaged.

At this year’s Chamber Business Awards, Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter Scot MacDonald announced the chamber would receive a $19,662 grant from the Premiers Rural and Regional Fund.

"We wanted the content of the sign to say far more than welcome to Dungog so we set about the challenge of designing a new sign,” said Ms Lewis.

The easy-to-read sign shows a current map of the shire which was adapted from the Dungog Drives brochure which shows the horseshoe map.

Information and attractions in each village of the shire is detailed and there are photographs by young photographer Aithyn Grove and Ros Runciman.

“The content was developed by the chamber committee with the invaluable assistance of Ivan Skaines, Economic Development and Tourism Officer Dungog Shire Council and Dr Cameron Archer, Chair of DRT,” said Ms Lewis.

The design is by Danthonia Signs, erected on concrete footings with a cover over head and solar panels to ensure it is illuminated at night.

“The sign has been strategically placed with consultation from the Lionesses so as not to obscure the view of the existing iconic Dungog sign and complements the banners which were erected earlier this year,” she said.

The grant funding had to be used by the end of this year and with just a few weeks to spare the new sign was erected late last week.

“A number of projects have finally come to fruition for the chamber this year including this sign,” said Ms Lewis.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved.

“We look forward to working with the Community, Council and the Lioness Club of Dungog to developing a master plan to further enhance Lioness Park”.