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To know where you’re going it’s handy to remember from where you’ve come. Originally qualified as a heavy vehicle mechanic, Forrest Saunders set up KRH in 2006 as a one-man show working out of a $3000 ute. He now employs 45 highly skilled tradesmen including line borers, plant mechanics, heavy vehicle mechanics, auto electricians, high-voltage electricians, fitter machinists and Boilermakers to ensure your mining operations are making money.

After the last boom in the mining industry and then the consolidation phase, most of the big mining companies stopped offering long-term contracts. But KRH established such a good reputation in the mining service industry, we are one of the few businesses to have been locked-in to ongoing maintenance programs.

Forrest’s name is his word and he employs skilled and reliable employees to ensure all the relationships KRH has worked so hard to build are maintained.

“Clients tell me what they want, and I make it happen. We’re not rigid and we rarely say no to anyone. We make clients’ business a priority, as opposed to just being a job number. And we can provide any number of services,” says Forrest.

“It’s why I got into line boring. I’d pull a machine down and then have to wait two days for another company to come in and do its work. Now with the team I have assembled, I can do it in one job lot from start to finish.”

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64 Grey St, Clarence Town NSW 2321

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64 Grey St, Clarence Town NSW 2321

02 4996 3207