2018 Gala Awards Presentation

Awards night

This year, the awards program culminated in a gala awards presentation evening at the Dungog Memorial RSL Club on Saturday 12 May 2018. The winners and runners-up were announced with lots of audience participation and encouragement.

Our theme for the night was the “Commemoration of the end of the First World War, 1918’s inspired attire”. In true Dungog tradition many of our guests dressed in attire from the period. Special mention to BCA National Training Group’s Nicola Lloyd looked the part dressed in a nurses uniform.

All the Award recipients were very humble with Jim Olsen’s acceptance speech a standout. Jim who was presented the Hall of Fame award by Rebecca Todd of Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions said, “There has been an Olsen opening the doors at Davey & Olsen every morning for 99 years, and I hope there will be an Olsen opening the doors for many more.”



Tourism & Hospitality
Proudly sponsored by Dungog Shire Visitor Information Centre.
The Runner Up was Bluegums Cabins
and the winner, Flying Duck Café

Rural Producers & Manufacturing & Industry
Proudly sponsored by Insurance Advisernet.
The Runner Up was William’s Dairy Pty Ltd
and the winner, Just Been Laid

Professional Services
Proudly sponsored by Chic Clothing Co.
The Runner Up was Joeys Pre-School & Early Learning Centre
and the winner, Perception Planning Pty Ltd

Trades & Construction
Proudly sponsored by Settlers Arms.
The Runner Up was Wayne Smedley Plumbing
and the winner, Hannan Build Pty Ltd

Outstanding Employee UNDER 25
Proudly sponsored by Dungog Rotary Club.
The first Runner Up was, Tiffany Bailey from NAB Dungog
The Second Runner Up was Ruby Lynch from The Boutique on Grey Street
and the winner, Izaac Cook of Lovey’s Grocers IGA Clarence Town

Outstanding Employee Over 25
Proudly sponsored by Dungog Fitness.
The first Runner Up was Len Argent from Lovey’s Grocers IGA Dungog
The Second Runner Up is Shaun Gordon from Clarence Town Bowling Sport & Recreation Club Ltd
and the winner, Amanda Gilmour Barrington Bakery

Retail Proudly sponsored by The Tinshed Brewery.
The Runner Up was Dungog by Design
and the winner, Paterson Service Station, Automotive Repairs & River Café

Customer Service
Proudly sponsored by Hunter Region Business Hub.
The first Runner Up was Dungog Veterinary Hospital
The Second Runner Up was Vacy General Store, Café Gifts and LPO
and the winner, Dungog Pizza

Environment & Sustainability (Golden Axe)
Proudly sponsored by Shaw’s Bakery.
The first Runner Up was Clarence Town Pre-School
The SECOND Runner Up was Dungog Waste Management Facility Dungog Shire Council
and the winner, Boomerang Bags

Outstanding New Business
Proudly sponsored by BCA National Training Group.
The Runner Up was Abby Rose The Label
and the winners were, Chic & Antique and Chic Clothing Co

Community Sector
Proudly sponsored by Lovey’s Grocers.
The Runner Up was from Volunteers Dungog Shire Palliative Care Volunteers Inc.
and the winner, Clarence Town & District Progress Association Inc

Hall of Fame
Proudly sponsored by Mai-Wel Labour Force Solutions.

and the winner, Jim Olsen

Proudly sponsored by Addison Partners.
and the winner, Norris I.T.

Proudly sponsored by Dungog Chronicle.
and the winner, Chic & Antique








Welcome to the Dungog District Chamber of Commerce business awards for 2018. Tonight we celebrate 12 years of presenting these awards and on behalf of my committee I would like to thank you all for coming along to support our awards programme and for your continued support of the Chamber. It is wonderful and very encouraging to see so many people from all around the Dungog Shire coming together to celebrate the achievements of our business and wider community. I would also like to thank our special guests for taking the time to join us this evening.

These awards could not be presented each year without the generosity of our sponsors, large and small and we are very fortunate to have their continued support. They are listed in your program and will be mentioned throughout the evening.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank a number of people who have made, not only a contribution in bringing this night together, but have supported the Dungog District Chamber Commerce

Firstly, the Members of the Dungog District Chamber of Commerce who have, through their membership continue to show their support, enthusiasm and commitment to the success of business in the Dungog Shire.

I would sincerely like to thank the wonderful Dungog District Chamber of Commerce Committee for their continued support. There has been a massive effort not only put into tonight, but the whole business awards programme over many months. Team work does truly make dream work and through working together, our committee has not only brought this night together but keep the wheels of the chamber turning on an ongoing basis. Our committee all work on a voluntary basis and the many hours of work they put into the Chamber deserves recognition and does not go unnoticed.

I would like to emphasise tonight the importance of the contribution that volunteers throughout the many community groups within the Dungog Shire make. Many of those groups are represented tonight. Without the dedication of these people many things that we enjoy as a community would simply not happen

Our Judges for this year’s awards Ivan Skaines- Economic Development & Tourism Co-ordinator Dungog Shire Council and Jelinda Millgate, Business

Connect Advisor from The Business Centre, Newcastle

I would also like to thank our charming MC’s for tonight’s presentation, Matthew and Euan Coxhill, our Caterers, Cath Turrin and her team, the students and teachers from Dungog High School and Ross Lovegrove and the staff from the Dungog RSL Club.

I would also like to thank the Hunter and NSW Business Chambers for their continued support of the Dungog District Chamber of Commerce as a Chamber Alliance Member. Tonight I would also like to acknowledge and thank the Staff and Councillors from Dungog Shire Council. As many of you are aware the Chamber and Council has enjoyed a great working relationship, collaborating on many projects and I look forward to that continuing with Coralie Nichols, Council’s new General Manager. In particular I would like to thank Ivan Skaines, Economic Development, Tourism and Events for his support and never ending patience and our Mayor Tracy Norman for her support and tenacious enthusiasm.

So what are these awards all about? Our awards programme is a little unique in that we ask the community to nominate and have a say in who they think has stepped up to the plate in their eyes, as well as allowing businesses and individuals to self-nominate. Many awards programmes only provide for self-nomination, but we believe, despite the lengthy process involved, our programme allows the community to be involved as well and we continue to achieve excellent results using this process.

We hope that these business awards give local businesses and organisations a platform to not only build up their operations, but to inspire and motivate their employees as well.

We have wonderful local businesses and organisations who have been working very hard to keep local people working, and to support our local economy and community. We hope that our awards programme gives small business and community groups acknowledgement and the encouragement to continue to do what they do best.

This past year has seen another year of exceptional performances throughout the Shire which should be celebrated and recognised. This is reflected in us receiving over 500 nominations resulting in more than 300 nominees in our 12 Business Awards categories. Our nominations reflect a growth in new businesses which is exciting and shows a growth in the diversity of the local business community in response to changing demographics.

Our nominations also reflect awareness in our community of customer service, choice, consistency and the appreciation of consideration of sustainability within our environment.

The nominations for this year’s awards comprise a broad range of individuals, businesses, and organisations from all areas across the Shire. It is clear that the community appreciates the value of our local businesses and organisations and enjoys having the opportunity to reward them by nominating them for an award.

We hope that the exposure generated from the awards helps to create awareness within the community and helps them on their road to success.

Also as in previous years, as Hunter and NSW Business Chamber Alliance Partners, we are aligning some of our Awards with the Regional Business Awards. The winners will have the opportunity to progress into the NSW Business Chamber Regional Business Awards Program.

In conclusion, the Chamber has had another successful year and the future looks bright. Our membership numbers remain high, a number of new businesses have recently come on board and we have several projects underway.

It’s a great night and I congratulate all the nominees and the winners on their success in being recognised this evening.

I will now hand you over to Dr David Gillespie, Federal Member for Lyne.