Mayoral Update

Mayoral Update

OK Gresford, you get your headline: “Dungog Mayor Spits Dummy’
Photo courtesy of Gresford Community Group
29 January 2018

Australia Day Awards
Congratulations to all those nominated for our Australia Day Awards. One of the toughest gigs I’ve had was, along with other committee members, to pick a winner from the fantastic nominations that we received. The award recipients are:

Helena Morris – Citizen of the Year

Bruce Read – Volunteer of the Year

Nelson Eyb – Junior Sportsperson of the Year

Karyn Marsh – Volunteer Service to Sport

One of the most exciting jobs I’ve ever had is to officially welcome two new Australian Citizens. Congratulations to Mim and Chris for your Australian Citizenship.

The James Theatre once again hosted a wonderful and poignant Australia Day Ceremony. Australia Day Ambassador, James Fry provided insights into an open and inclusive society, and members of the Dungog Shire Choir were in fine voice. We enjoyed an Aussie BBQ breakfast, cooked and served by the Dungog Lions and Lionesses.

Gresford also put on a great Australia Day Ceremony at Orana Park and recognised some residents for their outspending service to the Gresford Community. The Gresford District Community Group 2018 Recognition Awards went to: Bernie Lawler for his community support, George Sales for establishing and furnishing the Gresford Museum, and Kirsty Duncan and Sylvia Lawrence for making the Gresford School Canteen a great success and lots of fun for the students.

It was perfect weather for a picnic in the park and the fun of a dummy spitting competition. Organisers are confident that world records were set by Harrison Sellens (Junior) and visitor, Simon Russell. Yours truly, put up a respectable showing, taking out the award for biggest dummy spit by a Dungog Shire Mayor.

Thank You, My Hero

As you may recall from previous updates, the Australia Day Committee, Dungog Shire Community Centre and Dungog Shire Council asked the community to nominate people they think should be acknowledged for their efforts during and after the April 2015 superstorm. We received many nominations, and are in the process of preparing Certificates of Appreciation for the nominees. If you feel that someone who should have been recognised but hasn’t yet been, please send us their names. But also please understand that this was a tough time for people and some would prefer to forget. I have had several people give me names to add to the list in the last few days. We will make sure that these people are also acknowledged for their contribution.  We want to make sure that everyone who should be acknowledged is acknowledged.

If you think of anyone who may have missed out, please let me know at, or call my office on 49921862, or drop into the Community Centre. If you read your name in the Chronicle and have yet to receive your certificate, please call into Council to pick it up, or contact my office with an address to which we can send it.

I know I keep waxing lyrical about plastics, but I would like to remind you about the plastic baler at the tip. Apparently, the baler takes paper and cardboard on one side, and the soft plastics on the other. The machine works best when there are equal amounts of plastics and but the tip has more paper products than plastic. Think of all the packaging that contains plastic, and think about getting it to the tip instead of binning it. You’ll be doing the world a favour.

A Message from State Member, Micheal Johnsen:


I urge employers and trainers in the Upper Hunter electorate to nominate outstanding local apprentices, trainees and organisations for the 2018 NSW Training Awards.

The nominations for the regional round of the NSW Training Awards are currently open will close on 16 March 2018.

The NSW Training Awards are a chance to recognise and congratulate the best apprentices, trainees and teachers in our Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

I know we have many deserving candidates so I urge employers and VET trainers to step forward and nominate an individual or organisation for an award. This is a chance to show your pride in their efforts and your commitment to their training.

Once nominations close, they will be assessed and regional award winners will be announced in June. Winners will then represent our region at the State Finals in September where they will have a chance to be named among NSW’s best.

VET students can be nominated if they have completed or are due to complete their apprenticeship or traineeship between 1 October 2017 and 30 September 2018.

 Lodge nominations now for the 2018 NSW Training Awards at


Please forgive my typo last week when I called Jubilee Park Junee Park. Sometimes my computer thinks it’s smarter than me (and sometimes it just plain is).


Tracy Norman

Mayor, Dungog Shire